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We are always looking for passionate and aspiring influencers to partner with us. We believe in improving access to quality and affordable healthcare/wellness products/technologies. By promoting a better understanding of health, we can enable individuals to make better decisions about their health and improve their quality of life.  If our vision inspires you, start with a note to:

Distributors and Wholesalers

If two words could describe our products, they would be “premium” and “affordable”. By improving access to affordable and premium quality healthcare/wellness products, we can build healthy communities. This is the very reason our products are most highly rated in their respective categories. We continue to look for business partners that are willing and capable of distributing our products, both in stores and online. Diagnox products are destined to be frontrunners in drugstores, pharmacies, supplements & healthcare stores, and clinics.
We work with both large and small distributors and would love to work with you to develop a custom mutually profitable strategy. We also offer OEM services with outstanding pre and post-sales support.
For a no-brainer mutually profitable partnership reach us at: