Diagnox Health is proud to support Shape ReClaimed in their mission to help people embrace a healthy lifestyle by helping them change their relationship with food.

Dr. Todd Frisch and Linda A. Frisch, founders of Shape ReClaimed, talk about their program and partnership with Diagnox Health.

What is Shape ReClaimed?

Shape ReClaimed is a national program with about 500 practitioners across the US who are using their products and program. Shape is a total health restoration program to help people heal from the inside out. Shape ReClaimed helps individuals to change their relationship with food, help them discover that food is medicine to help people embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Significance of Urinalysis in the Shape ReClaimed programs

When brain gets a message that it's starving, it can be seen in urinalysis. Five of the 10 markers in the urinalysis dipstick indicate starvation in the Shape ReClaimed program. By keeping track of these five markers, the diet plans can be tailored to fit individual needs of the person.

Urinox-10 Urinalysis test strips in the Shape ReClaimed program

With previous urinalysis strips, we ran into serious problems with test reliability from opening and closing the bottle. Urinox-10 individually packed urine strips were a game changer for Shape ReClaimed as it meant no wastage of expired urine strips. Diagnox has helped Shape ReClaimed to scale and meet growing patient needs.

Shape ReClaimed & Diagnox - A symbiotic partnership

By offering solutions customized to the needs of Shape ReClaimed total health restoration program, Shape ReClaimed and Diagnox have established a symbiotic relationship. Both companies share a mutual mission to transform healthcare and help people achieve a healthy lifestyle.

More about Shape ReClaimed

Learn more about the Shape ReClaimed program here.