What’s Wrong vs What’s Not Right?

Dr. Todd Frisch
Dr. Todd Frisch
February 16, 2023
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What’s Wrong vs What’s Not Right?

As physicians, we are trained to look for what’s wrong with our patients. We take thorough health histories, do physical exams, run blood tests, X-rays, CT’s, MRI’s and whatnot, all with the aim of finding what’s wrong. We shoot for the bullseye that shows up in our testing.

Case Study from a real patient

Now, say a 38-year-old female patient walks into your office complaining of:

  • Fatigue
  • Muscle pain
  • Indigestion
  • Food sensitivities
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Insomnia
  • 60 pounds overweight

She’s been to seven previous doctors in the past year, and all her tests came back 100% within the normal range. She was diagnosed with depression and put on Lexapro by doctor #1, no improvement. Put on Prozac by doctor #4, no improvement. Abilify by doctor #7, no improvement. She was way past discouraged and frustrated. She was angry by the time she came to me and said, “You are my last resort.”

This is not hypothetical, folks. This was an actual patient that walked into my office, and I saw hundreds just like this. They came with a laundry list of symptoms and feeling hopeless. Fortunately, I left the “what’s wrong camp” by the time this particular patient sought my care, and I started assessing her with a “what’s not right” approach.

The “What’s Not Right” Approach

In that “what’s not right” world, one must be 2/3rd “sick” before any medical test shows abnormalities. Once that 2/3rd line is crossed, the medical tests will begin to show abnormalities, and the patient is, quite often, diagnosed with some named disease. Most will experience a myriad of symptoms in that first 2/3rd phase (Dis-ease) long before they cross over into the (Disease) phase.

Most individuals experience a myriad of symptoms before a diagnosable disease.

Disease management just isn’t good enough. The key to transforming health is to reverse or, even better, prevent disease.

Sadly, if you’re a female and your tests return mid-line normal, you’re thrown on any number of anti-depressants. Was the female mentioned above lacking Lexapro, Prozac, or Abilify?!?!? Of course not!

The Target of Health

Based on my new way of assessing my patients, I developed the “Target of Health” and methodically worked this system to address “what wasn’t right”!

The target of health circle.

I first address the outer circle of my target. After running a simple urinalysis, using Diagnox Urine Strips, I found her pH to be acidic (pH of 5). When one is acidic, it will steal minerals from the body to neutralize the acid. Minerals are nature’s painkillers, muscle relaxers, and tranquilizers. An acid condition causes one to retain fluid (weight gain is common) and produce an increased amount of mucus. Nine out of 10 leading causes of death thrive in an acid environment. Also, a pH of 5 often times leads to gas and bloating due to inadequate digestion of protein.

During my exam, I noticed excessively large pupils and photophobia, which can be a sign of a condition called sympathetic dominance. This is typically involved with adrenal insufficiency (falling under the second ring, stress, in my target. When one is sympathetic dominant, bright lights are bothersome, their mouth gets dry easily, their heart tends to race, and their digestion is thrown off.

9 out of 10 leading causes of death thrive in an acid environment.

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The Shape Reclaimed Program

Due to her weight gain (a common side effect of anti-depressants), I started this patient on SHAPE ReClaimed™ (www.shapereclaimed.com), a national program I developed when my wife could not shed the weight she gained after four females surgeries landing her in early menopause. SHAPE ReClaimed™ was built on two premises:

  1. All diets fail!
  2. It must be more than a metabolic problem.

When I researched why all diets fail, I concluded the brain gets a message it is starving. The common denominator that proved fascinating was the fact that when folks stopped their chosen diet plan, they typically gained all their weight back and then some. It was the “and then some” that was most intriguing to me.

I concluded a simple and inexpensive way to spot starvation was to run a Urinox-10 urine test. Five of the ten markers indicate signs of starvation. With our SHAPE formula, along with eating our clean, anti-inflammatory protocol and testing urine consistently, we keep our patients from going into starvation, thus experiencing greater long-term success. The key to success is never allowing the brain to get a message that the body is starving.

Within a couple of months of using my SHAPE formula, I began to witness literal miracles right before my eyes. Quite by accident, SHAPE decreased inflammatory symptoms, enhanced immune function, and was a gentle detox with the wonderful side effect of patients shedding toxic weight.

Back to my frustrated and angry patient:

  1. I put her on Homeopathic Nat Phos to support her pH
  2. I added a Magnesium/Potassium supplement for the sympathetic dominance. Magnesium downregulates the sympathetic nervous system and Potassium upregulates the Parasympathetic Nervous System
  3. I started her on SHAPE ReClaimed™

Her results:

  1. Fatigue vanished – caused by acid & sympathetic dominance
  2. Muscle pain vanished – caused by the acidic condition
  3. Indigestion vanished – caused by acid & sympathetic dominance
  4. Food sensitivities vanished – caused by acid & sympathetic dominance
  5. Rapid heart rate vanished – caused by sympathetic dominance
  6. Insomnia vanished – caused by acid & sympathetic dominance
  7. All with the side effect of shedding the 60 pounds, causing her much frustration

Starting from a “what’s wrong” and shifting to a “what’s not right” mentality opened the door to help this young woman return to a state of vibrant health without the use of anti-depressants.

Significance of multi-parameter urine testing

Partnering with Diagnox has been a game changer for our company. We have hundreds of healthcare professionals across the US and some in Canada who use our product and program. We like to say our secret sauce is our SHAPE ReClaimed™ formula, and our secret weapon is testing urine. Our program is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our SHAPE practitioners build the program to the unique bio-individual metabolic needs of their patient/client based on their total health history, how they are responding to the program but more importantly, what their urine tests are showing.

In this day and age of telemedicine, more and more of our practitioners are working with their patients/clients remotely. Using Diagnox individually wrapped urine strips has revolutionized urine testing for our family of SHAPE practitioners. www.shapereclaimed.com

A person holding a urinalysis test strip in hand.
Individually packed urinalysis test strips by Diagnox.
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Dr. Todd Frisch

Dr. Todd Frisch is the founder and president of SHAPE ReClaimed, a wellness company focused on transforming healthcare, one patient at a time. Dr. Todd was a chiropractor for 37 years, specializing in nutrition, homeopathy, kinesiology, acupuncture, iridology, traditional Chinese medicine, and facial diagnosis. Over the last four decades, Dr. Todd has encouraged, motivated, and inspired hundreds of practitioners in the healing arts. Dr. Todd speaks from 38 years of clinical experience with heart, humor, and warmth. Retired and happy, Dr. Todd spends his time with his wife Linda, teaching doctors, writing books with his daughter, doing crossword puzzles, watching Packer games, and sitting by his lake in northern Wisconsin.

Learn more about the Shape Reclaimed program at this link.

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